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For Immediate Release: Eyes of Faith Announces Partnership with Medi-Share

June 16, 2020

For Immediate Release: Eyes of Faith Announces Partnership with Medi-Share


Rebate available for new enrollees to leading health care sharing program

National eyewear company, Eyes of Faith Optical and Christian Care Ministry (CCM), which offers the popular Medi-Share healthcare sharing program, are partnering to offer savings to the Christian community.

Through the partnership, the Eyes of Faith website now offers a dedicated link to sign up for the Medi-Share program. Visitors who sign up for Medi-Share membership through the link become eligible for a $100 rebate on Eyes of Faith glasses. A portion of every Eye of Faith purchase supports Christian missions that provide new prescription glasses, readers, and sunglasses to people in need domestically and internationally. Eyes of Faith purchases also help to build homes for orphans at Point Hope Village in Ghana, Africa.

Jim Schneider, co-founder of Eyes of Faith described the relationship, “We’re incredibly honored to work with Medi-Share to accomplish a common purpose. Both our organizations strive to consistently reflect the love of Christ as we share, care, and offer hope in our respective industries, so this partnership is a perfect fit.”

Medi-Share, an affordable Biblical health care program, already offers members significant savings on vision care through a discount program. This partnership extends Medi-Share’s vision discounts by providing a rebate on Eyes of Faith frames to those who enroll in the program through Eyes of Faith’s website.

After Eyes of Faith shoppers pay their first monthly Medi-Share payment, they will receive an email with a code for a $100 rebate. The rebate can be used to purchase Eyes of Faith frames at an independent eye care professional’s office or directly from the Eyes of Faith website if a local provider is not conveniently available to the shopper.

Scott Reddig, CEO of Christian Care Ministry, explains, “We are continually seeking to add value to our Medi-Share members and Eyes of Faith provides quality eyewear at affordable prices. Christian Care Ministry applauds Eyes of Faith’s mission to deliver the gift of sight and the message of Jesus Christ to people in need.”

 About Eyes of Faith:

Eyes of Faith has brought purpose, passion, and style to the eyewear industry and optical community since 2009. The company's purpose is to give the gift of sight through mission work and their passion is to reflect the love of Christ in the optical marketplace. Utilizing the world's leading fashion forecasting and inspiration from biblical scripture, Eyes of Faith designs high-quality glasses, sunglasses, and apparel that inspire hope. A portion of every purchase supports Christian missions that deliver the gift of sight or shelter to people in need while sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

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About Christian Care Ministry:

Christian Care Ministry is a Florida-based non-profit ministry, which operates Medi-Share, one of the leading health care sharing ministries in the United States. Since the program’s inception in 1993, Medi-Share members have shared more than $3 billion in medical bills, and saved an additional $1.6 billion in medical costs from access to an extensive network of 900,000+ health care providers. Medi-Share has more than 400,000 members in all 50 states.

More than just an affordable alternative to health insurance; Medi-Share is a community of Christians who share one another’s healthcare burdens and encourage one another through community and prayer.

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