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EOF Purchases support home building at Delilah's Point Hope Village in Ghana, West Africa

Among other mission work, purchases support home building at Delilah's Point Hope Village in Ghana, West Africa.


giving back in a meaningful way with every purchase

The meaning we build into each frame is reflected in the hope we help deliver with every purchase...

...during missions that deliver eye care around the world... every brick used to build home for orphans and widows at Delilah's Point Hope Village...

...your purchase makes a difference.


reflecting the love of Christ in the optical marketplace

With our encouraging apparel, trade show presence, give-back opportunities, and daily operations...we strive to bring the hopeful spirit of Jesus Christ to the optical world, the communities our optical partners serve, and the everyday conversations sparked by our brand.

EOF Eye Chart Tees in merchandising

Mineola Eyecare of Mineola, TX  merchandises with our encouraging apparel; MyEyes Optometry of Lillington, NC wears EOF Eye Chart t-shirts on team brand days.

10th Anniversary Collection style Reign in Onyx

10th Anniversary style Reign in Onyx


creating beautiful, designer eyewear that inspires hope

Utilizing the world's leading fashion forecasting and inspiration from biblical scripture, we design high-quality glasses, sunglasses, and apparel that inspire hope.

Our styles are named for the Biblical scripture printed inside each frame's temple, and our FrameWear apparel designs are inspired by our signature glasses. Our process is deeply rooted in prayer and we hope our fashion affirms your spirit and sparks conversations about faith.