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reflect God's love in all we do


look AND feel great in your eyewear

it began with two prayers... from each co-founder, Jim and Amy, asking God to use them.

And then, an answer within Jim’s “crazy” middle-of-the-night
idea to found an eyewear company that honors God.

You may already know this story.

We’ve been sharing it for 13 years
because we are still humbled that God answered us.

what if we hadn't listened?

After you take a leap of faith, asking what if helps
you see the incredible things God had in store for you.

And it just might help you take that next leap of faith
when He answers your prayer in a way you never imagined.

Our eyewear was inspired – created to be a conduit for hope – and
if we hadn’t listened, we wouldn’t have the joy of your support
that makes it possible to change lives every day.

the incredible difference you've made with us

faithful servants have been equipped with more than 120,000 pairs of glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses to deliver around the world to people in need

we've helped to fund three homes for
widows and orphans at Delilah's Point Hope in Ghana, West Africa

your purchases helped support the effort
to offer the MessengerX app, a collection of digital resources
in 110+ languages for everyday discipleship, for free

independent optical practices change lives every day
by sharing hope with their patients through this inspired eyewear

For more than a decade, people, like you, have been buying and wearing
our eyewear, supporting local eye doctors and opticals, and making it
possible to offer a positive, faith-affirming product in your community.