We created Eyes of Faith to represent style and spirit.

Utilizing the world's leading fashion forecasting, we design exquisite frames that embody the latest trends,
with scripture printed inside, to uplift you every day.


Co-Founders Jim Schneider and Amy Schneider


In 2008, while Amy Schneider prayed, "Lord, I don't know how you can use me; all I know is how to love people and fit them with eyewear," her husband, Jim Schneider, also prayed to make a difference by involving God in his daily work.

With more than 20 years' experience as an optician, Amy declared Jim "crazy" when he woke her with the God-inspired idea to start an eyewear company that honors Him and delivers His message through the gift of sight. But, they found that the lack of eyewear for faith-appreciative consumers confirmed that they were being called to create eyewear that serves a higher purpose. Eye doctors could use this eyewear to connect their patients with the global mission of serving millions who need help with their sight and souls.

Every year since Eyes of Faith® was established in 2008, thousands of people have received eye care and a message of hope during Wear & Share® optical missions.

Our brand endures and inspires by delivering a message of hope through vision-specific mission work—when you wear Eyes of Faith, you share the love of Christ because part of every purchase supports the gift of sight for thousands each year. When you purchase eyewear from us, a portion of that purchase enables Eyes of Faith to support organizations like Sight Ministries International, and many others, to deliver eye care and eyewear both locally and abroad. Your purchases make it possible for doctors and opticians to deliver eye care, prescription glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses to people who otherwise may never have had the opportunity to see correctly, or to protect their eyes from the sun's damaging rays.